Information and Network Technologies: Major in Computer Forensics

Degree Level: Bachelor’s Degree

Looking for a computer forensics college in Virginia? Consider Westwood College’s career-focused degree program in information and network technologies: major in computer forensics, and learn on-the-job skills from faculty members who have years of real-world experience. Of course, despite the interesting specialty, you may be confused by some courses, because of their specificity. Don't worry, because you can always ask for answers from elite writings resources.

As a student, you’ll learn a variety of valuable skills, including how to handle and investigate digital evidence, detect network intrusion and manage malicious software. When you have successfully completed the coursework, you will be able to secure operating systems, design secure networks and manage security incidents.

Westwood’s hands-on approach will train you for a possible career fields such as computer forensics, digital evidence handling, information security and malicious software management.

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