School of Business – Business Administration: Major in Management

Degree Level: Bachelor’s degree

If you want to start or move your career to the next level by attending a management college in Virginia, Westwood College’s business administration: major in management program may be your key to advancement.

Comprehensive training, which includes answers to common and highly specialized questions, preparing professionals who are ready to clearly and efficiently perform their tasks. The most common tasks you will face: performing individual essays, expressing your opinion on a particular issue. If you have problems, you can always order an essay.

Westwood’s program can help shape motivated individuals into managers with its career-focused topics and real-world challenges. Experienced faculty members pass on their expertise in operations, finance and team management while preparing students for a variety of careers in management.

Course topics include Principles of Supervision, Essentials of Project Management, and Principles of Small Business Management. As a graduate, you’ll learn how to conduct ethical business practices, create strategic plans and apply effective management practices.

Your journey as a business professional begins here – fill out this form to get started today!

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