School of Design-Graphic Design

Degree Level: Associate Degree

Graphic design is a very interesting, as well as a relatively young specialty, if considered in a historical perspective. If you want to join the specialists in this field, be sure to enter, and don't forget about and the various trust sites that will help you in your studies.

You have artistic talent and a knack for creating eye-catching layouts. You want to take the next step in your design career, but don’t want to spend years in school. How about attending a graphic design college in Virginia? Westwood College has an associate degree program in graphic design at its Virginia campus locations in Annandale and Arlington Ballston.

Westwood offers a fast-track option for building the skills you need to develop a career in today’s multimedia industries. You will learn drawing and perspective, fundamentals of web design, and audio-video from faculty members with years of real-world experience.

The career-focused approach of Westwood’s graphic design program will train you in communications, logic, and problem solving, along with technical coursework. Graduates will be prepared to take exams for a variety of industry-standard certifications, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

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