School of Business- Business Administration: Major in Construction Management

Degree Level: Bachelor’s degree

The building blocks of a better career are within your reach by attending a construction management college in Virginia. The college is open to people who are ready to receive a good education. Professors are always ready to provide a consultation in case the topic is too difficult. And if it’s not enough, students may contact rewriting services and ask for assistance with their assignments. In the end, it’s all worth it! A bachelor’s degree in construction management from Westwood College will provide the skills that lead to entry-level positions.

From Construction Safety to Green Building Trends and Technology, courses in Westwood’s construction management program focus on both the technical and business aspects of the construction industry. Upon completion, you will be able to develop and track project plans, analyze buildings for structural integrity, and apply industry-standard management practices on the job site. Graduates of the Green Building Trends and Technology course will be prepared to take the LEED Green Associate certification exam1.

The construction management bachelor’s degree program is offered at both Virginia Westwood College campuses: Arlington Ballston and Annandale.

The tools you need to succeed in the construction industry are within your reach. Fill out this form to get started today.

1Westwood College is a member of the U.S Green Building Council.

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