School of Design – Graphic Design: Major in Animation

Degree Level: Bachelor’s degree

Attending an animation college in Virginia could be a giant step in helping bring your dreams to life. And whether your goal is to work in possible career fields such as character development or video game design, Westwood College animation program will give you the skills you need to begin your career in animation.

Gamedev is quite a popular field of development, with its interesting courses and tasks. The game industry is growing rapidly, as new technologies and developments of the era are involved, but if you want to immerse yourself in this world, you can enter this specialty, and in the context of learning to buy book reports.

Students in the program will take classes in Character Development and Setup, Advanced Digital Effects, and Advanced Character Animation. Experienced instructors design these courses to present real-world challenges and build project management skills along with technical knowledge. Graduates will be able to apply laws of motion to animated characters, demonstrate expert life drawing skills, and integrate audio and video into an animation project.

Fill out this form to get started today, and you could be bringing characters to life in three years!

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