About the Westwood College School of Design

Combine your artistic vision with marketable technical skills by attending a design college in Virginia. At Westwood College’s School of Design, you’ll take courses where you learn to create dynamic websites, design video games or bring characters to life through animation. If you feel that you like studying, but you are not sure about your work - don't worry! We have teachers who can help you with any of your questions, or you can go to special services and buy cheap articles or even go to a (virtual) library, where they will help you with quality, relevant literature. Programs in the School of Design include:1

As a student in any of these programs, you’ll learn the fundamentals of design from experienced faculty members who are seasoned professionals in their fields. The coursework guides you through real-world challenges to build your portfolio and prepare you for a career in the creative world of design.

1Not all programs are available at all campuses

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