Earning an Electronics Degree in Virginia

Associate Degree in Electronics Technology

Graduates of Westwood’s electronics technology degree program will obtain the skills necessary to operate, test, troubleshoot and maintain electronic equipment and systems. Positions for electronics technicians are increasing as industries adjust their own tools to adopt more modernized electronic technologies. If a growing field in the technology industry appeals to you, a degree in electronics training could be the right step for you. If you are unsure of your knowledge, you can always turn to essays writers, or to help the teaching staff for additional materials, or even senior students. The main thing is to want to study in this specialty, because your thirst for learning is the best driver for learning the material.

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Electronics Technology Careers

Earn your electronics degree in as little as 17 months with Westwood’s focused year-round class schedule. In this program, you will study electrical training coursework like digital electronics, programming, mathematics for electronics, AC and DC circuits, systems transistors and amplifiers, just to name a few. An electronics degree opens up many different career paths for graduates. Below are some common career fields for electronics technology graduates.

  • Electronics engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Field service
  • Computer repair
  • Computer technology

Going to School for Electronics in Virginia

Westwood’s Annandale Campus provides career-focused education programs and a hands-on approach to learning electronics technology. Additionally, the Annandale campus is just outside bustling Washington D.C., providing students with all of the sightseeing, nightlife and dining the nation’s capital has to offer. The area is a hub for many different industries and students could have a varied range of employment options.
An electronics degree from the Westwood School of Technology in Virginia will prepare you for a meaningful career through hands-on experience and tailored coursework.

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