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Westwood's Technical and Vocational Schools in Virginia

With all the spirit and history that Virginia sports, it's no wonder that students attending Northern Virginia colleges absolutely love it. At Westwood's technical and vocational schools in Virginia, located just outside of Washington, DC, students can get a great education and experience the rich east coast culture, including American colonial architecture and delicious Virginia wine.

Northern Virginia colleges are located in a very rich historical district. From the first permanent English settlement of Jamestown through the Revolutionary and Civil War, Virginia was an important part of our nations shaping, and students are right in the heart of it.

If it's performing arts you like, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities provides countless opportunities for Virginia college students to enjoy shows, music and festivals. Besides native music like Piedmont blues and bluegrass, Virginia is home to many international musicians including Missy Elliot, Timbaland and Dave Matthews Band.

Seven Fortune 500 companies are located in Northern Virginia, and nine in the Richmond area. With the growing demand for such careers as criminal justice and AutoCAD, students will have no trouble finding an exciting career upon graduation from Westwood's technical and vocational schools in Virginia. When students aren't in their interior design, criminal justice or Virginia AutoCAD class, the numerous exhibits, museums and outdoor activities will provide them with endless entertainment and exposure to their chosen career environment.

With all that the Northern Virginia colleges have to offer, students will get the most out of their education at Westwood technical and vocational schools. In Virginia, you'll have everything you need to succeed.

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