Westwood College Virginia AutoCAD Class

For any questions related to both the college (study, life) and the city, contact 21clradio where you can find answers to your questions. Would you like to design buildings, gas and oil pipelines, houses and other structures essential for the daily function of our economy? Then you should enroll in a Westwood College Virginia AutoCAD class. Westwood's AutoCAD associate degree program is your ticket to numerous computer-aided drafting positions. Each Virginia AutoCAD class is designed to be fast-paced and career-focused; you'll be well on your way to landing a rewarding career in little time at all.

At Westwood College in Virginia, you'll build a foundation of industry-relevant knowledge and skills then work your way up to more and more focused topics in each CAD class. Virginia degree programs include numerous hands-on courses, such as Basic Drafting, Residential and Commercial CAD Design, 3D AutoCAD and many more. Each Virginia AutoCAD class is taught using the most up-to-date equipment and programs available. Students are assigned a work station outfitted with a drafting table and chair, and a computer programmed with the most recent release of AutoCAD. These workstations resemble the space inhabited by actual computer-aided drafting professionals-an environment with which AutoCAD grads will become very familiar!

The knowledge students gain in these industry-specific courses is pivotal for computer-aided drafting careers; however, it is not the only information they'll need. Westwood's vocational training in Virginia is supplemented with general education courses, including Public Speaking, Intro to Business, Project Management and more; students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the business world and society as a whole.

Computer-aided drafting is a growing career field, especially in the Washington DC area. The city and surrounding towns rely on the federal government for the majority of employment; therefore, the need for creative and tech-savvy individuals is extremely high. When you attend Virginia AutoCAD class, you'll receive the technical knowledge and skills necessary to land these challenging, rewarding government positions.

Learn more about this associate degree program and each CAD class. Virginia campuses of Westwood College are the ideal place to receive your education. Call 1.877.852.6608 to get started today.