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Want a degree in construction from a Virginia school? Construction guidelines from Westwood will show you how!

If you are looking for a career in the fields of project management, project superintendent or construction management, Westwood’s Construction Management program just might be the right fit for you. At Westwood College in Virginia students learn the necessary skills to qualify for entry-level construction management jobs, including residential and industrial construction. A construction management degree provides students the necessary classes to excel in their career—course topics include building materials, construction methods, construction science and business management, all taught by top instructors at our Virginia school. Construction guidelines offered at Westwood are extensive and wide spread, insuring that students get everything they need to be prepared for their chosen career.

A construction management degree not only prepares students for a career in construction, but also teaches them how to identify important aspects of construction, including building codes and inspection processes, working effectively with schedules and project plans, analyzing data from construction sites, applying standard supervisory practices and even using computer-aided design to draft commercial and industrial drawings in our CAD class. Virginia school construction guidelines make sure students receive a well-balanced education, including classes in business and budgeting, to serve them in multiple facets throughout life.

Construction careers are fast-paced and in high demand. Westwood College can provide you with that jumpstart needed to earn an exciting construction degree at our Virginia School. Construction guidelines and classes are challenging, yet the careers are extremely rewarding. Let Westwood’s comprehensive construction curriculum start you off on the right foot.

Call 877.852.6608 today for more information on construction management degrees and Westwood College in Virginia.

Call 877.852.6608 today for more information on construction management degrees at Westwood College in Virginia.